How do we facilitate a renewable energy ecosystem?

Our aim is to boost B2B participation in the clean energy transition. Our journey starts with solar.

By leveraging the strengths of your business

When it comes to the energy market, businesses often perceive decisions as a battle between ecology vs. economy. But we know this conflict is illusory.

By bringing B2B players from diverse backgrounds together, roles can now be redefined beyond traditional customer provider profiles. Entire segments previously excluded can now actively participate in and benefit from the energy transition, through our innovative solutions such as third-party financing models or smart matches between space availability and solar investments.

Our innovative solar-centric projects are structured and built based on EPC expertise and financial engineering concepts designed for the unique needs of the B2B sector, where our knowledge and network leverage the strengths of each party involved.

Individualized concepts

Our expertise lies in the creation of market-independent, sustainability-focused revenue opportunities through bespoke solar energy concepts and solutions for diverse B2B sectors.

Financial engineering

Our projects are designed based on customized, forward-thinking revenue models and operating concepts, sophisticated financing models, regulatory and taxation know-how, advanced technology, and a lean cost structure.

EPC expertise

We ensure the quality of the tangible aspect of our projects by remaining in control of the entire implementation process, enlisting our own certified technicians, electricians and engineers.

Join our ecosystem

Our projects are designed specifically for the unique needs of industry, real estate and commercial customers – from SMEs to global players.

Entire segments previously excluded can now actively participate in and benefit from the energy transition.


With businesses increasingly searching for ways to put their green commitment into action, sustainability is now a key component of future business strategy.

This is why our efforts are geared towards creating value through integration, leveraging a renewable energy ecosystem that champions B2B participants to take their green efforts into their own hands.

Case studies

Motives behind renewable energy investments are as diversified as the B2B sector itself.

With the aim of a successful transition toward clean energy, our solar-centric concepts offset a broad range of factors, delivering fundamental value and growth. Check out some of our success stories.



Matthias Lingg
Posted by Matthias Lingg
January 22, 2021

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