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Solar energy for your business

ENVIRIA offers solar solutions especially for companies. We cover the entire process from financing to design, installation and operation of the system. Easy implementation, better ESG rating and cheap green power in no time.

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Photovoltaics: Perfectly fitted to your business

With customized solar concepts, with or without investment, we can find a solution that perfectly fits your business. Whether it is with energy storage, charging infrastructure or residual power supply - ENVIRIA makes your energy transition radically easy.

360° SOLAR SOLUTIONS with one touchpoint

No need for complicated coordination of multiple service providers: With ENVIRIA, you get easy implementation all from a single source - ranging from financing, planning, construction, operation to maintenance, all in line with your needs. Benefit from the synergetic interaction of our own operation and fitter teams.


ENVIRIA specializes in the needs of businesses and industrial enterprises: Our innovative solar solutions offer a means for businesses to reduce their dependence on volatile electricity prices and embrace a new revenue stream. Additionally, our solutions allow for your real estate value to increase effortlessly while improving your ESG rating and helping to drive decarbonization.


How it works

Although clean energy technologies are readily available, many companies hesitate to use them. ENVIRIA provides a comprehensive system that minimises risks and complexity. We oversee your entire solar project from start to finish and integrate all relevant aspects into a single contract. With our project experience, technical know-how, partner network, and necessary financial expertise, we ensure the success of your project.

Our services extend beyond regular project development. By covering the entire solar value chain, ENVIRIA transforms the sun into an accessible and user-friendly product. We take care of the planning, financing, installation, and operation of new PV systems. We integrate charging stations, energy storage systems, and other additional infrastructure. We handle the distribution of locally generated solar power and provide additional green energy from the grid - all with a single point of contact.

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Discover our solar configurator

How much potential is there in your company roof or your open space? Using the solar configurator, you can receive an offer from us in the shortest possible time.


Solutions as unique as your company

We have successfully developed more than 500 commercial projects and therefore understand the challenges our clients face. At ENVIRIA, we strive to bring out the best in every business, whether they are SMEs, large corporations or real estate companies.

We empower companies to generate green energy, enabling them to either cover their own energy consumption or become more self-sufficient from traditional suppliers and energy prices. They can contribute to the sustainable energy supply of their surroundings by feeding it into the grid. ENVIRIA transforms company roofs into power plants, thus empowering corporations to shape the energy transition.

By preparing the way for this innovative energy system, we make a swift and effective energy transition possible and actively combat climate change.


With heart and soul

ENVIRIA believes that transitioning to renewable energy is the most effective solution to combatting climate change. Therefore, we aim to fully utilize the potential of solar energy to reduce emissions and eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Time is a critical factor in achieving this goal: The faster we reach our goal, the faster we can mitigate the effects of climate change.

More than half of the buildings in Germany are non-residential, with roofs that are seven to ten times larger than the roofs of an average private home. However, only 10 percent of corporate roofs are equipped with solar panels, leaving a significant untapped potential. ENVIRIA enables companies to use their roofs for solar energy production. This enables a rapid development of renewable energy resources, facilitating the success of the energy transition.

ENVIRIA has developed over 500 commercial projects with an installed capacity of over 100 MWp. ENVIRIA was recognized in 2022 as one of the top 100 startups in the energy sector worldwide by being included in the "SET100 List." Additionally, ENVIRIA was awarded the 2021 Hessian Founder's Prize for "Social Impact."

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