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ENVIRIA offers easy and safe access to scalable Energy-as-a-Service solutions and the entire renewable energy ecosystem – designed specifically for companies from a wide range of sectors. Now, you can reap the benefits of going solar while staying focused on your core business.


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The ENVIRIA Ecosystem

ENVIRIA is your all-in-one provider for renewable energy with a focus on solar solutions. With us, you have a partner by your side who takes care of everything: We bring together all relevant suppliers, products and services – including financial solutions and revenue models – in one comprehensive ecosystem. Profit from our network, now!

Customized Concepts

Specializing in solutions for B2B companies, we tailor our concepts to your specific needs – effectively, profitably, sustainably.

Financial Engineering

Our expertise in regulations, taxes and financing allows us to offer cutting-edge revenue models and operating concepts – from classic investments to Energy-as-a-Service.


Working with an experienced team of our own technicians, engineers and electricians, we manage – and ensure the quality of – the entire implementation process.

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Thinking about installing solar on your property? Looking for new revenue opportunities and ways to strengthen your sustainable agenda? Harness the power of renewable energy for your company, now.

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Interested in partnering up with ENVIRIA? Whether you are a product manufacturer, a utility or a construction firm: We are always eager to join forces with new, innovative companies.

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What is the vision that drives ENVIRIA – and who is the team that makes the energy transition possible for you? Get to know the team!



Alexandra Siokou
Posted by Alexandra Siokou
May 25, 2023

Press release: ENVIRIA uses AI-supported PV plant certification by CarbonFreed

A speedy energy transition calls for accelerated certification processes for PV systems. Positioning themselves as an intermediary between developers and...

Alexandra Siokou
Posted by Alexandra Siokou
May 15, 2023

Press release: BLEFA goes solar – and builds on the expertise of energy startup ENVIRIA

BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stainless steel kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks....

Alexandra Siokou
Posted by Alexandra Siokou
February 1, 2023

Press release: ENVIRIA secures bridge financing facility in the double-digit million euro range from Eiffel Investment Group

ENVIRIA, a full-service renewable energy provider specializing in the B2B sector, announces the signing of a new double-digit million Euro...

Alexandra Siokou
Posted by Alexandra Siokou
November 24, 2022

Press release: ENVIRIA and GALILEO form joint venture to propel Germany’s solar power expansion

GALILEO ENVIRIA Solar GmbH – this is the newly launched joint venture between GALILEO and ENVIRIA. The pan-European renewable energy developer...

Alexandra Siokou
Posted by Alexandra Siokou
October 25, 2022

Aurelis Real Estate and solar startup ENVIRIA kick off long-term partnership

Real estate company Aurelis has set itself an ambitious goal: In the coming years, the company plans to equip its...

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