How solar drives your business forward

Only a few steps separate you from the benefits of photovoltaics for your company. With an experienced partner by your side, the switch to generating your own electricity is effortless and will not affect your core business.

Whether you lease or purchase PV-systems or rent out your roof: PV-experts will design the solution 100% individually for you. You also gain access to a wide range of additional services such as e-mobility solutions, electricity storage, heat pumps and more to optimize the infrastructure of your property for your business. This makes your energy transition not only radically easy, but also absolutely flexible as it is specifically tailored to your needs.

From financing to installation and maintenance: discover how ENVIRIA navigates your path to green electricity as your single point of contact. Unlock the many benefits that photovoltaics offer your company now!

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Your benefits with photovoltaics

With photovoltaics, you can generate your own energy exactly where it is needed - with a sustainable solar power plant on your roof or vacant land. With our tailored concepts, you don't even need to make an investment to benefit from the advantages of solar systems:

More independence from the energy market & cheap electricity

Put an end to fluctuating energy prices: Keep your electricity costs as low and predictable as possible. With solar energy, you are in control - increasing your independence from the rest of the world and from main suppliers.

Climate protection & ESG

By using renewable energies and photovoltaics, your company is making a positive and visible contribution to climate protection. With a solar solution, you can anticipate current and future political requirements concerning ESG mandates and more.

Value increase & additional revenue

A solar installation on your premises is a sustainable asset that can significantly increase the value of your property. Furthermore, feeding into the grid or renting out your roof offer an additional source of income for your business, without distracting you from your core business.

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Did you know?

After calculating your individual electricity requirements regarding all conditions on site, we tailor the perfect solution for your company - with more independence and more green energy. What makes your energy transition radically easy is our flexible approach - at all stages.

We can easily cover high electricity requirements that exceed the potential of the PV-system with residual power supplies. This is often the case for large companies in the manufacturing industry that require a lot of energy on site, but also generally on less sunny days or at night when the production of the PV-system is not sufficient. Nevertheless, your company uses 100% green energy. How? You receive the residual electricity supply directly from us, as it is integrated into our power purchase agreement - at favorable ENVIRIA prices, which are of course lower than those of main energy suppliers.

If there are low electricity requirements on site, you can feed the surplus into the grid: via lucrative direct marketing. Alternatively, you can pass on your green electricity to other locations. By that, you always use your full potential and not a single kilowatt of green energy is lost. If demand is very low, renting out your roof is a good alternative, allowing you to benefit from low electricity costs and additional rental income.

This is how ENVIRIA works

The renewable energy market is complex in terms of legislation, financing and bureaucracy. Let these challenges be our concern and make your switch to photovoltaics radically easy.

If you opt for our 360° approach, certified PV-experts from our team will manage your energy transition: from the design of your customized photovoltaic solution to the maintenance of the system and beyond. You don't have to worry about coordinating the parties involved - ENVIRIA is your single point of contact throughout the entire project.

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Your individual PV-solution

Calculate your solar potential with our solar configurator without any obligation and sit back and relax. A PV professional from our team will contact you as soon as possible to present you your individual photovoltaic solution and discuss the next steps with you.

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Depending on the concept, there are various financing options. If you would like to purchase and operate your own PV-system, we recommend specialized banks on request. Do you want to avoid the costs of purchase, maintenance, repair and insurance? Then leasing a PV-system or renting out your roof are ideal solutions for you.

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Bureaucracy & Legal

Certifications, approvals, warranties, insurance and much more: our experts keep track of the photovoltaic jungle for you and keep you away from any paperwork chaos. This means you don't have to worry about any deadlines or conformity requirements and, by that, keep internal costs to a minimum.

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Our experienced team of engineers and technical planners will support you from the calculation of your electricity requirements to the structural analysis of your roof and the final occupancy plan for your property. We take care of securing high-quality components for your project, optimize your infrastructure according to your requirements and resolve potential conflicts in a targeted and timely manner.

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Installation & Grid Connection

At ENVIRIA, we employ our own fitters and certified electricians, as this is the only way we can guarantee the highest quality at every stage. Once the grid operator has given its approval, we begin installing the PV-system, which takes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size. During the process, we regularly coordinate with you, for example to define the best time slots for grid connections and avoid disrupting your operations as much as possible.

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Commissioning & Maintenance

Our work does not end with the successful installation and commissioning of the PV-system. Regular maintenance work is required, which we are happy to carry out for you. Using our digital monitoring system, we also ensure that your PV-system functions smoothly in everyday operation and that high system availability is guaranteed.

Your benefits with photovoltaics at a glance

Your energy transition with photovoltaics has many advantages in store for you. Become more independent, more efficient and visibly greener now - by generating electricity from solar energy directly on site.

With or without investment

With ENVIRIA, you can also lease a PV-system or rent out your roof - so you don't have to pay any acquisition costs, and still profit from all the PV benefits for your company. Alternatively, you can purchase the system directly and operate and maintain it yourself - or commission us to do so. The purchase option is also available after many years of leasing an ENVIRIA PV-system or renting out your roof.

Low electricity costs

Make yourself more independent from the constantly fluctuating electricity prices and achieve greater financial stability. Especially in times of significant global developments that can bring about rapid changes, this security becomes a real competitive advantage for you.

Low effort

The energy transition for companies means an enormous amount of bureaucracy, which you can simply hand over to ENVIRIA. Save yourself a lot of internal resources and keep your employees away from time-consuming and tedious tasks outside your core business. This saves time, nerves and money.

Sustainable image

It doesn't get any greener! With a PV-system, you clearly show that you are at the forefront of the energy transition and, as a true pioneer, have made a groundbreaking decision in terms of sustainability at an early stage. This will not only be noticed by your customers, but also by your current and future employees and business partners.

A win-win-win situation for everyone involved

"In the past, switching to solar energy in commercial real estate development was complicated in many ways. Each step of the process was managed by a different company. This presented us with challenges.

ENVIRIA's approach delivers what it promises: switching to solar energy is easy and everything comes from a single source. Tenants and investors are satisfied in the end. AVENTOS also fulfills its responsibility to the environment and allows us to concentrate on our day-to-day business."

Dr. Karim Rochdi

Founder & Managing Partner, Aventos Group

Discover our solar configurator

How much potential is there in your company roof or your open space? Using the solar configurator, you can receive an offer from us in the shortest possible time.


Frequently asked questions concerning photovoltaics.

When a PV-system is installed, sunlight is converted into electrical energy using solar cells. The solar cell usually consists of a semiconductor, which is often made of silicon. When the solar cell is irradiated with light, a special arrangement of semiconductor layers creates free charges. These charges flow off as electrons via an electrical conductor. The direct current generated is converted into alternating current by an inverter, which can then be used to operate a company building, for example for lighting or the use of machines and electrical appliances.

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