How solar can support your business

There are only a few steps between you and the benefits of solar energy – if you choose a 360° service provider like ENVIRIA. We make your company's energy transition radically easy and find a solar solution that perfectly fits your business.

Your benefits with photovoltaics

With or without investment, rooftop or ground-mounted system, or just leasing your roof to us - solar energy is a win-win situation for your business.

Independence from the energy market & cheap electricity

The last few years have shown that electricity prices can fluctuate greatly. As a company, your electricity costs should be predictable and as low as possible. By using solar energy, a considerable part of your electricity costs is in your own hands - no matter what happens in the rest of the world.

Climate protection & ESG

By using renewable energy, your company can make a positive contribution to the climate crisis. In addition, you can anticipate current and future ESG policy mandates by choosing to go solar for your business.

Value increase & additional revenue

A solar installation on your premises is a sustainable asset that can significantly increase the value of your property. Furthermore, feeding into the grid or leasing your roof offer an additional source of income for your business, without distracting you from your core business.

Your complete solution from ENVIRIA

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Single touchpoint

No more paperwork, no countless subcontractors – ENVIRIA is your single point of contact, taking care of every step of the project. You just concentrate on your core business.

Customized solar concepts

No two companies are the same. Whether you have high on-site power consumption, a large roof area, or multiple properties, ENVIRIA has the solar concept that perfectly suits your needs.

A fitter from ENVIRIA
In-house EPC

You like to know exactly who you are working with? So do we! That's why we have our in-house team of fitters and certified electricians to ensure the highest quality standards.

Discover our solar configurator

How much potential is there in your company roof or your open space? Using the solar configurator, you can receive an offer from us in the shortest possible time.

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