Use the potential of your roof space – without own investment

Eine Photovoltaik-Anlage auf einem Firmendach.

Those considering installing a solar system on their company roof often automatically think of the classic purchase model: a one-time investment in their own system, which is then amortized over the coming years. (Find our offer here.)

However, there are many companies for which an investment of this kind does not make sense. Especially if you have no or very low electricity consumption on-site, it may be more worthwhile to lease unused roof space to us – without hassle, without risk.

In this model, we install a solar system on your premises, which we then also operate and maintain independently. You benefit from additional rental income and green landlord-to-tenant electricity.

The benefits of our roof-leasing model

Cost benefits
  • No acquisition costs

  • Reduced electricity bill for you and/or your tenants through tenant electricity

  • More independence from fluctuating energy prices – for 20+ years

  • At the end of the lease period, you can take over the plant for a symbolic price of 1 Euro

Environmental benefits
  • Reduced environmental footprint

  • Visible statement of your sustainability commitment

Benefits for your sustainability agenda
  • Higher ESG rating

  • Strengthening your brand image as a sustainable company

  • Compliance with (current and future) CO2 regulations


At ENVIRIA, we simply include PPAs into your original project contract. This way, we minimize paperwork and administrative hassle.

Get a reliable assessment of the solar potential of your company's roof or vacant land. In a personal consultation, we will determine together with you which solar concept best suits your company's needs.


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