Rent a solar system: Flexible concept with sustainable effect

For companies with high electricity consumption, it is particularly worthwhile installing a photovoltaic system on the roof. However, not every company can or wants to make the high investment required to purchase a PV system. However, there is a flexible solution that works without any initial costs – by renting a solar system.  

With our energy-as-a-service model, ENVIRIA takes care of the financing, installation, and even the operation of the PV system on your commercial roof. We own the system, and you use it and benefit from ecofriendly, low-cost solar power. You only pay a fee – a rent – for the use of the system and the green electricity it produces. 

By renting a PV system, you are making a sustainable and risk-free entry into renewable energies – without being distracted from your core business. 

Rent a PV system: The benefits

Monetary benefits
  • No acquisition costs 

  • Lower electricity costs for you and/or your tenants thanks to landlord-to-tenant electricity 

  • Greater independence from volatile electricity prices – for over 20 years 

  • Flexible term – the system can be taken over at regular intervals 

Benefits for the environment
  • Supporting the expansion of renewable energies and the use of natural resources

  • You protect the ecosystem

  • Reduced ecological footprint

  • Promoting sustainability and environmental friendliness 

Positive impact on the sustainability agenda
  • Higher ESG rating 

  • Strengthening your brand image as a sustainable company  

  • Compliance with (current and future) CO2 regulations

FAQs: Renting a solar system

PV systems often produce more electricity than companies consume on site. ENVIRIA offers customized power purchase agreements that allow surplus energy to be fed into the grid or passed on to other locations of your company. 

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