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Your very own energy transition: Become more independent!

Ralph Stemper, Head of Structured Sales

Ralph Stemper



Six ways to become more independent from the energy market

The more companies and consumers depend on energy corporations, the more dependent they are on global events. This has rarely been as clear as it is now. When compared to any other sector, the energy market reacts in a flash to geopolitical events -. In addition, climate change remains one of the greatest challenges in the history of mankind. In August 2021, the climate goals were significantly tightened by the German government; Germany is to become climate-neutral as early as 2045 instead of 2050. In order to relieve customers and businesses, the EEG surcharge will expire earlier than planned. But the sting of rising costs will still be clearly felt.

Fortunately, there is a way you can actively face the uncertain supply situation and future political regulations: Increase your independence by using your own photovoltaic system! Solar energy not only protects the environment but can also be produced on your own roof – not to mention that it’s an economically viable investment in a green future. With our solar solutions for businesses, we offer ways to take power production into your own hands and be better equipped for the future.

1. Take matters into your own hands: Buy a solar power system

More and more companies are investing in their own photovoltaic systems. Economically, this is worthwhile in both the short and long term. The real estate value increases, the energy costs drop, and surplus electricity can be fed into the grid at a guaranteed price – and in the future, your self-produced electricity provides security against unstable prices and further regulations.

2. Completely relaxed: Rent a solar system

More independent, but spare the acquisition costs: with a rented solar system. With our Energy-as-a-Service model we make your life as easy as possible by taking care of the financing, installation and maintenance of your photovoltaic system. You benefit from all the advantages of producing your own electricity without costly investments, since you only pay a small fee for the usage of the system. And as this option is designed for flexibility, there are numerous instances over the years when you can fully purchase this system if you wish.

3. Let’s do it together: the joint venture model

Let us become partners: In a joint venture, we work together to develop your large-scale solar solution. You benefit from our know-how: We plan and finance the project, install a turnkey solar plant on your premises and take care of the technical and commercial management of the assets in the joint company. While we are doing this, we make sure to teach you everything you need to know to maintain a PV system.

A joint venture is also the simplest option if you plan to operate the solar plant independently in the future. In this model, the permits and rights are yours and do not have to be transferred – ever.

4. Think one step further: E-mobility

You generate power on your roof, but this is not where it needs to end. The mobility of the future is electric, many companies are switching to modern electric cars. In addition to installing your solar system, we can also provide the necessary infrastructure for your own mobility transition. We are especially proud of our solar carports, which directly combine modern mobility and renewable energy. Protect your fleet while using solar energy to charge it: win-win!

5. Turning electricity into heat: heat pumps

In combination with a heat pump, you benefit the most from your PV system. Instead of feeding the surplus electricity into the grid, it can be used to heat your building when needed. This means maximum independence! We take care of the installation – and additionally, we offer modern energy storage systems. This way, you can use your own solar power even at night and on cloudy days.

6. Natural insulation: green roofs

A green roof has several advantages: It creates a pleasant climate within the building and helps save energy costs for heating or air conditioning. The vegetation also protects the roof’s waterproofing from weather influences and ensures a significantly longer service life. In addition, it creates new habitats for wildlife: Especially for insects and birds, green roofs provide undisturbed nesting and breeding areas and offer additional important food sources.

Become more independent now with our holistic solution

Photovoltaics increase your independence against fluctuating energy prices and political regulations. When you produce the electricity yourself, the costs are calculable. At the same time, you prepare your company for a climate-neutral future with fewer CO2 emissions and a better ESG rating. There are many ways to benefit and find out what solar can do for you. Let’s start your business’s energy transition together!

ENVIRIA: powering the commercial energy transition

Whether you choose to buy or lease a PV system or enter into a solar joint venture with us: ENVIRIA takes care of it. We handle everything – from financial structuring and bureaucratic pitfalls, to planning, implementation and execution of the project. We procure the equipment, coordinate craftsmen and implement the installation in a way that you hardly even notice. Also, you benefit from our additional offers that equip your company for a green future. You only need to provide one thing: a roof or an open area.

Do you have any questions? Read more about our services or arrange a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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