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The path to a more sustainable company can start with the installation of a solar system – but it by no means has to end there. Indeed, there are many more great ways for companies to further increase the energy efficiency of their solar power plants, reduce their carbon footprint, save on electricity costs, and set an example for the energy transition – from green roofs to charging stations for electric vehicles.

ENVIRIA offers simple and uncomplicated access to the entire ecosystem of renewable energies. This way, we remain your single point of contact when you want to access further services and structures that complement your PV system.

Please note

The following products and services cannot be ordered separately. They are only available to customers who rent or purchase a solar system from ENVIRIA or operate our PV systems on their premises.

E-mobility infrastructure

We undertake the installation of charging stations for e-mobility promoting climate-friendly transport.

Heating pumps

Integrating heating pumps and solar energy increases heating efficiency and lowers electricity costs.

Smart metering systems

Get clarity on your company’s consumption patterns – including data monitoring, analysis and energy management.

Green roof solutions

Increase the benefits of your photovoltaic system by adding greenery to your roof – for greater climate efficiency, better insulation and a longer roof life.

Solar carports

Highly configurable solar carport structures protect vehicles from weather conditions while generating electricity – benefiting your employees, business and community.

Roof renovation

We ensure the suitability of your roof as a PV site for more than 20 years – if necessary, with a renovation of the entire roof surface.

Energy storage

Benefit from solar power – even at night: We install cutting edge energy storages on your premises to boost your energy independence.


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You have questions about our offers or want to learn more about how to harness renewable energy for your company? Just reach out. We are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide information on the topics that are important to you.

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