Greener together – Implementing PV systems in a joint venture

With ENVIRIA, companies considering a move towards renewable energies have many options to choose from: You can, for instance, simply buy your own plant. If you want to avoid making large investments, you can just as easily rent your solar infrastructure from us. Companies with low power consumption, on the other hand, are often well advised to lease out unused roof space for solar use.

We are proud to offer suitable concepts for every type of company, making your entry into solar energy as easy and profitable as possible.

For this reason, in addition to the above-mentioned options, we offer realizing your solar structure as a joint venture. Under this model, ENVIRIA contributes part of the equity, takes care of the planning and implementation, and hands over the operational know-how to you step by step. This groundbreaking concept makes possible even the bundling of several solar projects in one joint company. Additionally, the relevant approvals (e.g. roof access rights) do not have to be transferred with this approach.

Get into renewable energies the easy way – with ENVIRIA as your trusted partner.

The benefits of our joint venture model

Cost benefits
  • Profits from the joint venture (new income)

  • Significant reduction of electricity costs for you and/or your tenants through tenant electricity

  • More independence from fluctuating electricity prices

Benefits for your sustainability agenda
  • Reduction of environmental footprint and higher ESG rating

  • Strengthening your brand image as a sustainable company

  • Compliance with (current and future) CO2 regulations


Of course, your energy security is our highest concern. That’s why ENVIRIA can provide all the additional electricity your company needs through the grid – at prices below those of traditional utility providers.


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