GUSSEK HAUS is one of Germany’s most renowned manufacturers of prefabricated houses headquartered in Nordhorn, Germany.

Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Individual homeowners
Channel partnership
First project in DEC 2017
10 kWp (incl. integrated storage systems, smart meter, infrastructure for electromobility)
>1 MW (over 100 properties)
3187 tons

Steady partnership through clean energy transition

GUSSEK HAUS is one of Germany’s most renowned manufacturers of prefabricated houses headquartered in Nordhorn, Germany. With over 17.500 prefabricated properties in their portfolio to date, a high level of energy efficiency is a must in every GUSSEK house. In order to remain true to their mission for continuous optimization of their value proposition – and with an average of 520 completed construction projects per year – ENVIRIA was identified in 2017 as a partner that could help them act on their sustainability commitment. Their aim was to identify a service provider not only with technical expertise, but also with the operational capacity to handle the volume of projects and spread of locations.

Over the past three years, ENVIRIA teams support GUSSEK HAUS not only with the implementation of the solar systems on the buildings, but also by designing innovative decentralized renewable energy solutions matching the requirements of various KfW programs. The designed systems draw on solar systems, battery storages, e-mobility infrastructure, smart home solutions including data visualization of respective production/consumption parameters.

Trustworthy partnership

ENVIRIA is a steady partner for GUSSEK HAUS, supporting them through their clean energy transition

Sustainability commitment

Our solar power plants are statements of a clean energy purpose, amplifying the manufacturers sustainability commitment

Environmental compliance

Compliance with sustainability policies and regulations and in accordance with the requirements of the Association of German Property Insurers

Energy efficiency

Property assets become energy efficient, while being turned into solar power plants themselves

Value increase

The value and attractiveness of properties are increased, creating new added “green” value for tenants. Significant energy cost savings for homeowners.

Turnkey delivery

Seamless implementation through one general contractor – guaranteed quality with the use of premium components, on time, on budget


GUSSEK HAUS recognized early on how important the energy efficiency of a new home is for our customers and the environment.

This is why we were looking for a partner who could complement and enhance our offering, not only by building photovoltaic systems, but also by providing the technical know-how and integrated concept solutions that would deliver maximum impact. Teaming up with ENVIRIA instantly increased the “green” value of our offering, turning our properties into solar power plants that generate their own electricity. Combining auxiliary elements such as smart home solutions, we optimized the overall efficiency of our houses – in one “go” and with one partner. The team is always by our side and has already supported us with multiple projects in Germany, Benelux and Switzerland already. Working together since 2017, we have created different packages for our customers to select from, depending on how they envision their new home. We look forward to many future projects with ENVIRIA, and innovative new ways to enhance our offering.

Peter Drees

Technical Manager at GUSSEK HAUS


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