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Many ways towards a sustainable future: ENVIRIA’s versatile solar concepts for businesses

Ralph Stemper, Head of Structured Sales

Ralph Stemper



There are many reasons to go solar – and many ways to implement photovoltaic systems. ENVIRIA offers versatile energy-for-business models that enable any company to find the perfect solution to enter the renewable energy ecosystem.

Every business, every property and every plot of land is different. Do you want to buy or rent the photovoltaic system – or do you prefer a different model? Do you consume all the electricity on site – or do you want to feed surplus energy into the grid? Depending on your answers, different concepts are suitable for you.

All solutions have something in common: lower electricity prices, reduced environmental footprint, a stronger sustainability image and a higher ESG rating. And with the electricity market nowadays becoming even more volatile than usual, implementing a photovoltaic system also pays off down the road.

To give a first overview, we compiled our different solutions in this blog post, including some pointers to help you find which concept is best suited for your needs.

More flexibility: Energy-as-a-Service

Companies that want to benefit from instantly cheaper and greener electricity, but do not want to invest capital for the purchase of the system, can choose our Energy-as-a-Service model.

In this model, ENVIRIA takes care of the planning, financing, and installation of the solar system. Through Energy-as-a-Service, you benefit from free electricity and only pay a fixed monthly fee for the use of the system. The operation, maintenance and servicing of the solar system is up to us, so you can fully focus on your core business. And if at some point you realize that you would like to take the system over yourself, you have the chance to do so at regular points in time. The offers are tailor-made and are based on the residual value and the project itself – and provide you the chance to opt-out of this long-term contract.

Because of its flexibility, Energy-as-a-Service is especially worthwhile for SMEs, real estate operators, corporations, industrial companies and municipalities that want to meet their high electricity needs without making a large investment.

Additional source of income: roof leasing

Companies with low electricity consumption – such as SMEs, agricultural facilities, real estate operators and landlords of residential buildings – also benefit from solar energy, even if they only use part of the electricity produced themselves.

When leasing a roof, we offer flexible compensation formats for hosting the system on your premises and can even provide electricity for your tenants, passing on green benefits and electricity savings – win-win!

Roof leasing is particularly attractive for property owners who want to do their part against climate change and be prepared for future CO2 or energy regulations – because with our system, their ecological footprint is significantly reduced. And when the lease period is over, you can buy the plant for the symbolic price of one euro. An unused roof is all you need to get started.

Call the shots: buy a solar system

If you invest in your own solar system, you profit in multiple ways: Not only does having your own system reduce the cost of electricity immensely (for you AND your tenants) – any excess electricity produced can be fed into the grid at a fixed price, thus generating additional income. The purchase of a photovoltaic system is also worthwhile as a long-term investment in the property itself, as it increases both the energy efficiency and the overall value of the property. All this combined with governmental tax incentives and guaranteed feed-in tariffs, make a photovoltaic system a safe and profitable investment.

Acquiring your own system is the solar solution for SMEs, industrial companies, corporations, farms, real estate operators and municipalities that want full ownership of their solar plant, while covering their electricity consumption for years to come and increasing their independence from fluctuating energy prices. ENVIRIA can also take care of the operation and maintenance of the solar system while you focus on your core business. If you want to reap all the benefits solar has to offer and taking responsibility fills you with confidence, a purchase is just the right thing for you to do.

And particularly interesting for property funds:

ENVIRIA has designed sophisticated, individualized structures that enable this sector to reap the benefits of solar investments in their portfolios of assets – but without tax disadvantages associated with the regulatory and taxation particularities that govern property funds.

Together we are stronger: Joint-Venture

If you want to run your own solar plant in the foreseeable future and at the same time benefit from our know-how in the long term without bearing the full initial acquisition costs, then a joint venture is the way to go. Here you provide your unused roof space to the joint company, while ENVIRIA contributes part of the equity capital itself, plans and builds the projects and takes care of the technical and commercial management of the solar assets within our joint company. Meanwhile we share our know-how bit by bit so that you feel confident to take full project ownership at a future a point in time set by you.

This groundbreaking concept allows for multiple solar projects to be bundled together and operated by one joint company, while keeping all required registrations (e.g. roof access rights) within it. The joint venture is therefore worthwhile for companies who want to follow the path of solar energy – even those with multiple properties in their portfolio – but do not yet have the necessary skills and know-how. Together, we’ll get it done!

Going solar together – no matter how

Many different models, one promise: If you choose to go solar with ENVIRIA, we will walk every step of the way with you. Because whether you buy or rent a photovoltaic system, lease your roof or set up a joint venture with us – we have many years of expertise and multiple reliable partners. It has never been easier and more flexible to become part of the energy transition and benefit from cheaper electricity, additional income, higher ESG ratings and many other advantages for your business.

Das passende Solarkonzept finden mit ENVIRIA

You can sit back while we take care of it all. We organize the financing, planning, implementation and overcome bureaucratic hurdles. And whether you continue to work with us as partners afterwards or take the solar project into your own hands: We look forward to working with you.

Need help finding your way? We are happy to navigate you through your first steps into a greener future! Read more about our services or arrange a non-binding consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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