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For companies of any size, going solar can be a big, strenuous project. Figuring out the relevant regulations, financing the investment, choosing a solar system, coordinating suppliers and contractors, managing energy surplus – faced with a seemingly endless to-do list, many companies decide to rather focus on their core business instead.

That way, however, they miss out on a huge opportunity to generate additional income, boost their sustainability image and drive the energy transition forward.

That’s why ENVIRIA developed a groundbreaking holistic approach that minimizes risks and complexity. We take care of your entire project from start to finish and integrate all relevant aspects of going solar into a single contract. With full project lifecycle experience, superior technical expertise, a solid partner network and the financial proficiency required to ensure commercial viability, we have what it takes to make your project a success.

Welcome to the ENVIRIA Ecosystem

  • Own construction capacities
  • Qualitiy assurance
  • Certified electrical engineers
  • Subcontractor network
  • Solar plant / project ownership
  • Solar joint ventures
  • Space leasing
  • PPA
  • Solar contracting (plant lease)
  • Solar pensions
  • Contracting
  • Financial structuring
  • Legal structuring
  • Yield reporting
Institutional investors are increasingly seeking tangible asset classes which can deliver steady, preferably inflation-adjusted income streams, with long-term horizons and low correlations to the returns of other investments. ENVIRIA’s solar energy projects tick all these boxes - and more.
ENVIRIA complements and supports an array of professionals and companies who do not actively operate in the renewable energy field in navigating the renewables landscape and meeting their customers’ transition requirements. By joining efforts with ENVIRIA, they enable a greater reach and customer flow that actively paves the way for untapped decarbonization opportunities.
We provide access to renewable energy through innovative solar-centric concepts and structured power purchase agreements that fulfil current and future business objectives based on different formats of resource allocation, business goals and sectors. We work together with clients from diverse backgrounds to find the concept that best fits their individual business needs and sector. ENVIRIA offers holistic solutions by leveraging our decentralized ecosystem, liaising with all stakeholders who need to be involved in each project and consolidating the entire process within a single agreement.
Long-term partnerships strengthen our impact, increase our flexibility and widen our portfolio of services. Our ecosystem approach turns the renewables value chain into a partnership-based cooperation network, forging ENVIRIA’s ability to offer forward-thinking, integrated solutions.
Our extensive network delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions for our customers, that hold multiple certifications including TÜV and ISO. All ENVIRIA systems are comprehensively insured and include a 4-year warranty according to VOB-B, reducing maintenance costs and guaranteeing the expected lifespan of each solar plant.
We work with a range of institutional investors and lenders to raise the capital required for the construction and long-term investments in solar power plants.

5 Reasons for choosing ENVIRIA

Drawing on our long experience with clients from all kinds of sectors, we know how diverse the B2B landscape truly is. Every company comes with different requirements and opportunities. Thus, there is lots to think about when considering a move towards renewable energy: from evolving business models and CSR issues to regulatory peculiarities and supply chain pressures.

At ENVIRIA, we design our concepts to fit your company’s individual needs – harnessing the power of renewable energies for your business by making optimal use of the resources you wish to commit.

We put an end to the complexity typically associated with a move towards renewable energy. We liaise with all stakeholders, coordinate third party investors, grid operators as well as regulatory and cooperation partners, and bundle the entire concept into one agreement. Whether you are planning, acquiring, funding, or simply optimizing a project, we manage every aspect of going solar – from project development and design to grid connection and commissioning all the way through to the operation and optimization of solar installations of all sizes.

Finally, you can access renewable energy in an easy and secure way, while staying focused on your core business the entire time.

Our extensive network of partners from different sectors allows us to offer a wide range of value-adding green infrastructure elements to go with your solar system:

  • Energy efficiency: Our ecosystem comprises many ways to make your company more energy efficient and reduce energy costs significantly: from roof renovation and green roof solutions to energy storages and heating pumps.
  • Mobility: With e-mobility on the rise, charging infrastructure is in high demand. We offer our solar clients a range of solutions – from charging stations to solar carports.
  • Power supply: Our models make it possible for you and your tenants to consume your self-generated solar power, inject it into the grid via lucrative power purchase agreements, and even access electricity from the grid for below-market prices.

Best of all: We bundle everything you need in one single contract, effectively minimizing bureaucratic hassle and effort on your part.

Our certified technicians, electricians and engineers guide projects through the entire development process, from initial consultation through to site assessment, engineering, design, procurement and turnkey installation. What is more, we stand by our clients for the long term, ensuring the careful maintenance and effective operation of your system.

By taking care of all these essential steps in-house, we are able to guarantee top service and highest quality for your solar infrastructure.

With our practical regulatory and taxation know-how we are able to support companies in navigating the unique regulatory landscape of renewable energies – avoiding risks and pitfalls while making the most of financial opportunities. In addition, we deal with aspects such as liquidity management, accounting, legal structuring and contracting.

Our customizable concepts are built on cutting-edge revenue and financing models as well as sophisticated operating frameworks. Depending on your business’s financial needs and goals, we offer a wider range of solar-centric concepts, from leasing out your premises to Energy-as-a-Service models all the way to classic investment opportunities.

We make sure that you can go solar in a way that best fits your needs – generating stable returns, enhancing property value and public image, and having a positive environmental impact.

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You have questions about our offers or want to learn more about how to harness renewable energy for your company? Just reach out. We are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide information on the topics that are important to you.

Gerhard Spies, Senior Sales Manager
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