Your open space as a solar plant: Turning vacant land into a source of income

Whether farmland, former industrial areas or public grassland – there are numerous advantages to using open spaces for photovoltaics. Previously vacant areas become part of the energy transition, supply your company with inexpensive electricity, and help you to operate more sustainably and comply with environmental regulations. 

By leasing land to ENVIRIA, your company can get into solar energy in a radically easy way – and without the risks and bureaucracy often associated with it. We tailor projects to your individual needs and take care of the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the solar system – you simply concentrate on your core business. 

Advantages of ground-mounted solar systems

Cost benefits
  • No acquisition costs

  • Additional source of income

Advantages for your property
  • Increase in property value

  • Preservation of the agricultural usability of unused land

Advantages for your sustainability
  • Reduced ecological footprint 

  • Enhanced brand image as a sustainable company 

  • Compliance with (current and future) CO2 regulations 

  • A visible statement of your sustainability

FAQs: Using open space for photovoltaics

A ground-mounted PV system should generally cover several hectares. However, it can also be an area consisting of several individual plots of land, for example your own land and the adjoining land of your neighbors. We assess whether your area is of interest to ENVIRIA on a case-by-case basis, depending on the local conditions and the complexity of the planning.

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