Use the potential of your roof space – without own investment

Those considering installing a solar system on their company roof often automatically think of the classic purchase model: a one-time investment in their own system, which is then amortized over the coming years. (Find our offer here.)

However, there are many companies for which an investment of this kind does not make sense. Especially if you have no or very low electricity consumption on-site, it may be more worthwhile to lease unused roof space to us – without hassle, without risk.

In this model, we install a solar system on your premises, which we then also operate and maintain independently. You benefit from additional rental income and green landlord-to-tenant electricity.

Click here to find out how a customized roof leasing model enabled BKL GmbH & Co. Kg (Levenig©) to profit from solar energy.

The benefits of our roof-leasing model

Cost benefits

No acquisition costs

Reduced electricity bill for you and/or your tenants through tenant electricity

More independence from fluctuating energy prices – for 20+ years

At the end of the lease period, you can take over the plant for a symbolic price of 1 Euro

Environmental benefits

Reduced environmental footprint

Visible statement of your sustainability commitment

Benefits for your sustainability agenda

Higher ESG rating

Strengthening your brand image as a sustainable company

Compliance with (current and future) CO2 regulations


How much red tape does a power purchase agreement cause?

At ENVIRIA, we simply include PPAs into your original project contract. This way, we minimize paperwork and administrative hassle.

How is the solar energy generated on-site integrated into my company’s overall energy needs?

With ENVIRIA, you don’t have to coordinate suppliers or deal with the intricacies of the energy market. Instead, we can deliver all the power you need – composed of energy from your rooftop solar system and additional power from the grid. And all this at prices far below the rates charged by conventional utilities.

What requirements does the roof has to have?

Particularly suitable for a solar system are gable roofs and flat roofs with unshaded area. The minimum size of interest for this concept is 1000 m2.

Which business areas should be addressed here?

SMEs, farms, real estate operators, real estate funds, municipalities

What qualities should the company have?

No energy-intensive companies are eligible for our classic concept. The company should require low direct energy consumption, the desire for solar power supply to the tenants can of course be met.

To what extent can ENVIRIA also manage real estate funds?

We specialize in the complex regulatory and tax framework for real estate funds. ENVIRIA has developed sophisticated, tailor-made solutions to these challenges that enable this sector to incorporate the benefits of investing in renewable energies into their plant portfolio. Learn more

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Our 360° principle

ENVIRIA’s holistic approach makes life easy for you. We save you the time-consuming selection and coordination of various vendors, suppliers and service providers. Instead, you get the entire solution from a single source: We are your single point of contact and take care of the entire project.

Our own team of engineers, fitters and technicians will take care of the planning, implementation and maintenance of your system.

We install a turnkey solar system at your site.

We use our expertise in regulations and tax law to ensure top efficiency and profitability.

We take care of financing your project in a way tailored to your company’s profile – including cutting-edge revenue models and operating concepts.

We oversee the marketing of surplus electricity.

You concentrate on your core business – and benefit from the advantages of photovoltaics.

From charging stations to green roofs – ENVIRIA makes it possible

At ENVIRIA, we offer you simple and straightforward access to the entire renewable energy ecosystem. This way, we remain your single point of contact when you want to integrate additional services and structures with your PV system.

E-mobility infrastructure

We undertake the installation of charging stations for e-mobility promoting climate-friendly transport.

Heating pumps

Integrating heating pumps and solar energy increases heating efficiency and lowers electricity costs.

Smart metering systems

Get clarity on your company's consumption patterns – including data monitoring, analysis and energy management.

Energy storage

Benefit from solar power – even at night: We install cutting edge energy storages on your premises to boost your energy independence.

Green roof solutions

Increase the benefits of your solar system by adding greenery to your roof – for greater climate efficiency, better insulation and a longer roof life.

Solar carports

Highly configurable solar carport structures protect vehicles from weather conditions while generating electricity – benefiting your employees, business and community.

Roof renovation

We ensure the suitability of your roof as a photovoltaic site for more than 20 years – if necessary with a renovation of the entire roof surface.

Your direct contact at ENVIRIA

You have questions about our offers or want to learn more about how to harness renewable energy for your company? Just reach out. We are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide information on the topics that are important to you.