Turn your vacant land into a new revenue stream

Whether farmland, former industrial sites, or publicly owned grassland – a large variety of open spaces lend themselves to solar installation sites. This kind of use has obvious benefits: Once undeveloped or idle lots start generating revenue and help your company in meeting environmental requirements.

By leasing land to ENVIRIA, your company can finally go solar without the risks and bureaucratic hassle that are often associated with this move. We tailor projects to your individual needs and take care of the planning, implementation and maintenance of the solar plant. You simply focus on your core business and reap the many benefits of going solar.

The benefits of hosting a ground-mounted solar system on your land

Cost benefits

No acquisition costs

Additional source of income

Benefits for your land

Increase of property value

Preservation of agricultural viability of unused land

Benefits for your sustainability agenda

Reduced environmental footprint

Enhanced brand image as a sustainable company

Compliance with (current and future) CO2 regulations

Visible statement of your sustainability commitment

Frequently asked questions

How big does my property have to be?

We start at a minimum land area of 5 hectares (contiguous).

What kinds of companies benefit most from this kind of solution?

Leasing unused land to host ground-mounted solar infrastructure makes sense for a wide range of sectors – from industrial companies to farms and real estate operators to municipalities. Ideally, energy consumption on-site should be low or non-existent.

In a few clicks to your individual offer

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Fill out our quote form in less than 3 minutes and receive a customized quote within a few days.

Which concept are you interested in?
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Our 360° principle

ENVIRIA’s holistic approach makes life easy for you. We save you the time-consuming selection and coordination of various vendors, suppliers and service providers. Instead, you get the entire solution from a single source: We are your single point of contact and take care of the entire project.

Our own team of engineers, fitters and technicians will take care of the planning, implementation and maintenance of your system.

We install a turnkey solar system at your site.

We use our expertise in regulations and tax law to ensure top efficiency and profitability.

We take care of financing your project in a way tailored to your company’s profile – including cutting-edge revenue models and operating concepts.

We oversee the marketing of surplus electricity.

You concentrate on your core business – and benefit from the advantages of photovoltaics.

Does ENVIRIA also offer the possibility to buy ground-mounted solar systems?

Yes, a direct investment in your own solar system is possible with us. Contact us and find out which of our offers best suits your company.

Your direct contact at ENVIRIA

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You have questions about our offers or want to learn more about how to harness renewable energy for your company? Just reach out. We are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide information on the topics that are important to you.

Patrik Fischer, Head of IPP Business