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ENVIRIA implemented a customized Energy-as-a-Service concept for a major German furniture manufacturer.

Our case study for Maja furniture
Wittichenau, DE
Maja Moebel
ENVIRIA Investor Solutions GmbH
18 Jahre
Sept 2021
750 kW
309,2 Tonnen

How to become your own utility – without major investment

In recent years, reducing emissions and meeting ESG requirements have become increasingly important concerns for companies of all sizes and industries. Maja Moebelwerk, a furniture manufacturer for internationally known retailers such as IKEA, did not want to leave it at green gestures. Instead, they decided to go big on renewable energy in the future.

 In order to achieve this efficiently and safely without compromising its core business, the company was looking for a partner who would handle all aspects of the project – from planning and financing to implementation and operation.

 A major utility in our ecosystem put the company in touch with ENVIRIA. After a thorough analysis of the circumstances, we created an Energy-as-a-Service concept that ideally addressed the client’s individual needs and goals. This concept consisted of three main parts: 

  • We installed a high-performance solar system on the company’s roof and adapted the electrical infrastructure to enable on-site energy generation.

  • To enable the customer to switch to solar power without making its own investment, we covered all initial costs. We drew up a leasing contract that, among other things, obligated ENVIRIA to provide for the smooth operation and regular maintenance of the system.

  • ENVIRIA would also take over the marketing of the surplus green electricity that the company now produces in addition to furniture.

 Our unique, holistic concept made the switch to renewable energy financially predictable for the customer and did not tie up unnecessary capacity. Today, Maja enjoys all the benefits traditionally associated with owning a solar system – and more:

No investment

With our Energy-as-a-Service model Maja incurred no initial costs. At the same time, the company retains the option to purchase the system in the future.

Reduced electricity costs

Today, Maja produces large amounts of its own energy, which it can consume directly on site. This ensures greater independence from the volatile electricity market and significantly lower energy costs.

No effort

From financing and planning to installation and smooth operation we were Maja's sole contact for all aspects of the project. This meant that there was hardly any additional bureaucratic or organizational work for the customer.

Green image

The solar plant on Maja's roof is now a highly visible sign of the company's green philosophy. It also helps the company to comply with CO₂ regulations – now and in the future.

Foto von Matthias Lingg, Head of Engineering bei ENVIRIA

An easy entry into renewable energy without investment and stress

From the technical side, integrating a generation plant into an existing infrastructure is always an exciting but also challenging task. Thanks to the excellent cooperation of the partners and my colleagues, we were able to successfully implement the system – all within one maintenance window. This meant that the changeover had no impact on operations thanks to the flexibility of the team. This is our Energy-as-a-Service principle.

Matthias Lingg

Head of Engineering


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