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Same process every year? 8 solar resolutions for economic and ecological corporate goals

Tatjana Müller, Content Managerin bei ENVIRIA, steht vor bunter Wand mit ENVIRIA-Logo.

Tatjana Müller

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A new year is approaching and so is the opportunity for change – also as a company. Between the end of December and January, there is always a breeze of new beginnings and development in the air. However, while the famous new year’s resolutions often lose their appeal in private life after a few weeks, you should show a little more perseverance for long-term ecological and economic corporate goals.   

And even if we don't see the energy transition simply as an entertaining project for "between the years" (as we call the time between Christmas and the beginning of January in Germany) and therefore the metaphor of new year’s resolutions falls too short, we would like to provide you with the following "solar resolutions" for 2024 (and beyond) as inspiration and food for thought. We wish you a happy new year!

Ideas for ecological corporate goals

1. Be more sustainable  

Sustainability is not just for a clear conscience: The climate targets for Germany 2030 include reducing emissions by 65 percent compared to 1990 (German Environment Agency). ESG requirements call for including the environment in the corporate agenda. And finally, the visible consequences of climate change make the relevance of sustainable decisions very clear. With photovoltaics, you take a big step in the right direction: By using solar energy to generate green electricity and protect the environment in the long term.     

2. Be more independent  

With a photovoltaic system, you ensure greater independence from the public electricity grid and from global events that can cause energy prices to fluctuate or skyrocket. With the help of an electricity storage system, you can also use the electricity you generate when the sun is not shining – whether for normal day-to-day operations or for charging your electric vehicles, for example. 

3. Be more cost-efficient  

Running your business with solar power is not only more sustainable and independent, but also more cost-efficient. You save on energy costs and, if you feed electricity into the public grid, you even earn extra money thanks to the feed-in compensation. The option of leasing roofs for photovoltaic systems creates another source of income and gives you more financial freedom. Different solar options therefore help you to achieve your business goals more quickly.   

4. Be more competitive  

Savings potential and new sources of income through photovoltaics mean that you can generate higher profits in the long term. Free financial resources are available for necessary purchases or increased employee growth, and generally give you more leeway to make your company more future-oriented. In short: A photovoltaic system makes you more competitive. 

5. Be more flexible

Global events have proven more than once that they can change the rules of the game and economic conditions on the market at short notice and to a great extent. The resulting higher energy prices have hit manufacturing companies particularly hard. Nevertheless, you should not lose sight of long-term corporate goals. The calculation is as follows: The more independent and cost-efficient your power supply is, the more flexible you can be in responding to new market situations that could negatively impact your operations.   

6. Be more future-oriented  

As already mentioned in the first resolution, political decisions and regulations relating to the environment require companies to take action. In several federal states, for example, solar energy is already mandatory for new commercial buildings. Ecological corporate goals of this kind not only ensure a sustainable and secure future for your company, but also pursue a "bigger purpose" that affects us all. By using solar energy, you are making a valuable and future-oriented contribution to the energy transition, which will also benefit future generations. 

7. Be ESG-compliant  

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and aims at sustainability-related areas of corporate responsibility. Energy efficiency issues, occupational safety and compliance thus come to the fore. With the help of photovoltaics, you fulfill your environmental obligations within the framework of ESG compliance.  

8. Be an environmentally conscious employer   

Employees need more than a good salary and benefits to feel comfortable or identify with an employer. It is particularly important to younger professionals that the topic of sustainability also resonates in their professional lives and is practiced as a value. By generating electricity with solar systems, you position yourself as a progressive company that is even more attractive on the job market. 


Have you made your solar resolutions for the new year? ENVIRIA will help you implement them

If a sustainable new beginning is on your list of ecological business goals, we congratulate you on this forward-looking project. As a 360° service provider for the entire photovoltaic value chain – from planning to maintenance – we can help you ensure that your resolutions do not just remain resolutions. Arrange a non-binding consultation with us. 

Tatjana Müller, Content Managerin bei ENVIRIA, steht vor bunter Wand mit ENVIRIA-Logo.

Content Manager

Tatjana Müller

Tatjana Müller is Content Manager at ENVIRIA and creates a wide range of content and text formats relating to photovoltaics. She acquired her expertise in technical topics during years of working as an editor for the IT industry, which made her an expert in solar topics, among other things. As a content manager, she loves the creative editing of complex content just as much as podcasts and train journeys through Europe.

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