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Press release: PASM, Deutsche Telekom’s energy supplier, and ENVIRIA are joining forces with the German energy startup ENVIRIA for an expansive solar project.

Alexandra Siokou

Alexandra Siokou



The partners PASM, Power and Air Condition Solution Management GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Telekom, and ENVIRIA are intensifying their collaboration. The plan involves equipping more than 200 locations with photovoltaic systems, totaling a capacity up to of 10 MW.

  • Deutsche Telekom subsidiary PASM and energy startup ENVIRIA join forces for a huge solar project

  • Plans to convert over 200 Telekom sites to photovoltaics, with a total output of 10 megawatt peak (MWp)

  • Measures underline Deutsche Telekom AG’s pioneering role in the use of renewable energies

As the largest and most sustainable telecommunications provider in Germany, Telekom aims to drive the energy transition. The next necessary building block for this initiative is equipping company-owned buildings with photovoltaic systems. To expedite and execute this ambitious project effectively, PASM is partnering with the German energy startup ENVIRIA, specializing in managing solar projects for businesses.

The rapidly growing startup is supporting PASM in developing a standardized process to efficiently implement numerous high-performance PV systems in a short timeframe. Dedicated project teams have been working on a joint solution for several months. Once completed, the expansion is expected to produce over 9 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of MWp solar power per year. This will enable CO2 savings of more than 5,800 tons per year.

Sending a signal: an industry in transition

Christopher Mathea, Head of Technology Development at PASM, emphasizes: "As PASM, a part of the Deutsche Telekom AG corporate group, we ensure the use of 100 percent renewable energy. This is how we drive the energy transition within the corporation. PASM has chosen ENVIRIA as a partner, a company well-suited for the challenges of the energy transition."

Melchior Schulze Brock, managing director of ENVIRIA, stated, "PASM is not just talking about sustainability – they are actively addressing the issue. We are proud to support the corporation in its commitment to a greener future. Here, ecological and economic sustainability go hand in hand."


ENVIRIA provides a radically simple way to shift to solar power and is one of the fastest growing companies in the European solar market. ENVIRIA’s scalable Energy-as-a-Service solutions enable companies to switch to renewable energy, without necessarily making any investments themselves. The start-up covers the entire solar value chain and takes on the planning, installation and operation of new photovoltaic systems and the integration of charging stations and energy storage for its customers. In this way, ENVIRIA boosts the participation of companies in the energy transition and supports the democratization of power generation.

To date, ENVIRIA has developed more than 200 commercial projects with an installed capacity of over 70 MW. In 2022 alone, more than 41,000 tons of CO2 emissions were saved. In 2022, ENVIRIA was included in the “SET100 list” of the world’s 100 best startups in the energy sector and was recognized with the Hessian Founder’s Award for “Social Impact” in 2021.

About Power & Air Solutions

PASM Power & Air Solutions is the energy supplier for the Deutsche Telekom Group in Germany and ensures the availability of critical infrastructures. This involves the procurement, provision and supply of energy. PASM is sustainably committed to the expansion of renewable energies.

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