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Press release: ENVIRIA awarded all bids submitted in the Federal Network Agency’s (BNA) securing 7.5% of the total tender volume

Alexandra Siokou

Alexandra Siokou



ENVIRIA awarded all bids submitted in the Federal Network Agency’s (BNA) rooftop solar PV auction, securing 7.5% of the total tender volume successfully allocated in the first BNA round in Germany for 2022

FRANKFURT A.M., GERMANY: Solar energy specialist ENVIRIA secured a total volume of 15.305 kWp for rooftop solar installations, successfully being awarded the entire number of bids the company submitted in Germany’s BNA’s EEG Rooftop Solar tendering process in April.

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (BNA) launched the first round of its solar (PV) tender for 2022, with a total capacity of almost 767 MW (766.667 kW). The tender volume this year was massively increased compared to only 150 MW in December 2021.

In total, 163 bids with a combined volume of 204 MW were successful, bringing ENVIRIA’s bids amongst the most successful by locking approximately 7.5% of the total volume allocated in this auction round, at an above average volume weighted price. Last year the first auctions specifically for rooftop solar were launched, with a price limit of maximum 9 ct/kWh. With the annual limit dropping by 1% per calendar year compared to that of the previous, the maximum value for April’s bidding round was 8,91 ct/kWh. The prices of the successful bids in the pay-as-bid auction ranged from 7.00 ct/kWh to 8.91 ct/kWh. The volume-weighted average award price was 8.53 ct/kWh, significantly higher than in the previous round (7.43 ct/kWh).

“We are incredibly satisfied with the results of our first ever participation in the BNA tendering process. Having secured every bid we submitted is a very promising signal from the market. Staying true to our mission of becoming a decentralized utility, we intend to amplify our efforts to our own solar rooftop portfolio, which we aim to scale massively in future auction rounds,” says Melchior Schulze Brock, ENVIRIA founder and CEO.


ENVIRIA is one of the fastest-growing companies in the German rooftop solar market, providing scalable Energy-as-a-Service solutions and innovative solar-centric projects. ENVIRIA is facilitating a renewable energy ecosystem, with the aim to boost B2B participation in the clean energy transition, and empower the democratization of power generation by becoming a disruptive and decentralized utility in its own right. Projects are structured and built based on EPC expertise and financial engineering concepts designed for the unique needs of the B2B sector, where ENVIRIA’s knowledge and network leverage the strengths of each party involved. Through innovative solutions such as third-party financing models or smart matches between space availability and solar investments, entire segments previously excluded can now actively participate in and benefit from the energy transition.

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