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Press release: ENVIRIA wins contract: ERBACHER the food family to produce its own solar energy by next year

Alexandra Siokou

Alexandra Siokou



ERBACHER the food family is a manufacturer of super premium food for livestock and pets, as well as a producer of high-quality food. The climate protection strategy of the family company also includes the expansion of solar energy production. The German solar startup ENVIRIA has now been awarded the contract to implement the project.

As a thought leader and pioneer of sustainable nutrition, ERBACHER the food family is aware of its responsibility towards fellow human beings, animals, the environment and future generations. The family business from Kleinheubach (Bavaria) produces high-quality products for people and animals in a climate-neutral manner. On-site energy generation also makes an important contribution to this.

To this end, the company is having its previously unused roof of a high-bay warehouse equipped with a modern photovoltaic system. To manage the project, ERBACHER the food family is enlisting solar startup ENVIRIA, which has made it its mission to radically simplify its customers’ entry into solar energy.

ENVIRIA specializes in ambitious solar projects for companies. The startup is now building a PV system with an output of over 300 kWp on an approx. 2,400 m² roof area of a 42m high high-bay warehouse made of local wood. In the future, about 310.000 kWh of green energy will be produced here annually, of which the food manufacturer itself intends to use approx. 90% for the production and operation of its electrical warehouse logistics. The rest will be profitably fed into the grid. In total, this will not only save the company a lot on electricity costs, but also 145 tons of CO2 emissions – every year.

To ensure that ERBACHER the food family reaps the benefit of having its own plant as early as possible, the project is set to be completed by the end of this year. Grid connection is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. Finished within months, the low-risk project promises to make the company more independent from the electricity market in the long term and substantially improve its ESG score. In this way, ENVIRIA makes an important contribution to the climate protection strategy of the family company.

David Antunes from ERBACHER the food family: “Expanding solar energy production within a year is of course an ambitious undertaking. However, it is important to us to act quickly and decisively to protect the climate and preserve the planet for future generations. That’s why ENVIRIA is the perfect partner for us. The company covers the entire solar value chain, coordinates all the suppliers involved and handles implementation in a straightforward and secure way without a lot of bureaucracy and effort from our side.”

Melchior Schulze Brock, founder and CEO at ENVIRIA: “As a 100% CO2-neutral company, ERBACHER the food is already a clear pioneer in its industry. With a powerful solar plant on its own roof, the company can now ensure that emissions do not occur in the first place – and incidentally gain independence from the electricity market. By combining financial and ecological sustainability, the family business is leading the way into a great future for itself and the entire planet”.

Avoid, reduce and compensate emissions: With these measures, ERBACHER the food family has already made its production completely carbon-neutral. With the new PV system from ENVIRIA, the company can now do more of the former– and thus make the most effective contribution to climate protection.


ENVIRIA provides a radically simple way to shift to solar power and is one of the fastest growing companies in the European solar market. ENVIRIA’s scalable Energy-as-a-Service solutions enable companies to switch to renewable energy, without necessarily making any investments themselves. The start-up covers the entire solar value chain and takes on the planning, installation and operation of new photovoltaic systems and the integration of charging stations and energy storage for its customers. In this way, ENVIRIA boosts the participation of companies in the energy transition and supports the democratization of power generation.

To date, ENVIRIA has developed more than 200 commercial projects with an installed capacity of over 70 MW. In 2022 alone, more than 41,000 tons of CO2 emissions were saved. In 2022, ENVIRIA was included in the “SET100 list” of the world’s 100 best startups in the energy sector and was recognized with the Hessian Founder’s Award for “Social Impact” in 2021.

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