Long-term partnerships strengthen our impact, widen our services and help diverse B2B players realize their renewable energy ambitions.

Energy partners

The market for decentralized energy solutions is expanding, with utilities aggressively shifting generation capacity to renewable energy sources. ENVIRIA’s entrepreneurial flexibility expedites this transition by partnering with utility providers, developers and other organizations to scale solar energy sources.
Grid access, first-class solar assets and a close-knit ecosystem are all integral for our efforts. Combining financial experience, development, engineering and construction, ENVIRIA is uniquely positioned as an EPC partner for the long-term, covering the entire renewable energy value chain. With our own team of in-house certified electrical, structural, and civil engineers we manage and coordinate all project operations, turning projects into high-value assets that meet specific goals and strict standards.

But our efforts to decarbonize the grid don’t stop there. With a rooftop solar asset portfolio of our own – and a robust pipeline ahead – we produce and inject our own solar capacity into the grid. Our diversified portfolio is spread across our home country Germany, and is therefore capable of supplying regionally-produced electricity to cover local requirements. And we are always on the lookout for opportunities to grow and leverage our project portfolio further, expanding throughout Europe and beyond.

ENVIRIA is one of the first energy producers to structure synthetic and physical power purchase agreements that utilize green electricity generated by systems hosted on rooftops – barren space by definition! – all while energy consumers are right underneath. We consider this a genuine approach to sustainability, that preserves large fertile land areas for other productive uses.

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Depending on the stage of each project, we liaise with financing partners from diverse backgrounds such as institutional investors, banks and infrastructure funds to navigate the capital-intensive nature of renewable projects.

Cooperation partners

Cooperation along the renewables value chain is crucial for success. Our ecosystem approach is to turn the supply chain into a partnership-based cooperation network. That is why we work with professional third-party solution providers who join us for growth, complementing our offering with their ancillary products. This symbiotic relationship strengthens ENVIRIA’s ability to offer innovative integrated solutions by seamlessly combining solar power plants with value-adding ancillary elements that benefit systems and businesses the most, increasing overall efficiency while providing a holistic solution bundled in a single customer contract.

Below is a handful of the most valued solutions that we offer through the partners in our ecosystem. Watch this space – we are quite inventive when it comes to expanding this list.

E-mobility infrastructure

Installation of e-mobility charging stations promoting climate-friendly transport

Heating Pumps

Integration between heating pumps and solar, increasing property efficiency (meeting heating and cooling demands) while lowering electricity costs

Smart metering systems

Transparency and clarity of consumption behavior incl. data monitoring, analysis and management of individual consumption

Green roof solutions

Integration of green roof solutions with energy production fortifies the property’s climate efficiency by creating energy cost savings, improving stormwater management, extending roof life and increasing property value and marketability

Solar carports

Highly configurable solar carport structures are a great alternative for undeveloped land and parking lots. These shield vehicles from weather conditions, while generating electricity - benefiting business and community

Roof Renovation

To ensure a roof’s suitability to host a solar installation for 20+ years, ENVIRIA can arrange to renovate the entire roof area where required

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Product Manufacturers

Quality products are the backbone of the tangible aspects of our business, and the renewables industry as a whole. ENVIRIA has forged strong relationships with leading manufacturers known for the superiority of their products and their reliability in terms of inventory availability and range of components. Our extensive network delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions for our customers, that hold multiple certifications including TÜV and ISO. In addition, all ENVIRIA systems are comprehensively insured and include a 4-year warranty according to VOB-B, reducing maintenance costs and guaranteeing the expected lifespan of each solar plant.

Each project is unique and requires distinct combinations of technological solutions. We continuously look for ways to integrate products that deliver the most value and optimize the performance, reliability and efficiency of system operations. Our engineers and technical planners take pride in their ability to seek out premium components along the entire supply chain, ensuring the successful performance of all functions required in the optimal generation, transmission and distribution of solar power.

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If you would like to add your components to our portfolio, our procurement team would be happy to hear from you.

Construction partners

At ENVIRIA, safety, quality, efficiency and transparency are non-negotiable. Over the years we have grown our operational capacity organically, handling core mechanical and electrical installations in-house. Our network of handpicked construction partners increases our flexibility to mobilize quickly and across locations, ensuring non-core construction activities are carried out on time and budget.

Our own certified technicians, electricians and engineers ensure the quality of our projects by remaining in control of the entire implementation process, being responsible for the management of the overall construction work and coordination of all subcontractor activities. These include procurement of products, equipment and construction machinery, construction oversight, technology compliance, grid connection, etc.

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Intermediary business partners

Our ecosystem encompasses business partners from adjacent sectors that help ENVIRIA facilitate the B2B energy transition. We often complement and support professionals such as independent civil engineers and architects or even engineering consultancy firms, planning offices, contractors and utilities, in navigating the renewables landscape and meeting their customers’ transition requirements.

This wide array of companies may not actively operate in the renewable energy field, yet understand that this non-core activity has significant value to their customers and society as a whole. By joining efforts with ENVIRIA, they enable a greater reach and customer flow that actively paves the way for untapped decarbonization opportunities. This agile approach allows business partners to focus on their core activities, while ENVIRIA takes care of managing the entire process of providing sustainable and cost-effective solar-centric solutions.

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