Reimagine vacant land into green power structures

Generating income and electricity from valuable undeveloped spaces

Solar panels may be overwhelmingly associated with rooftops – being placed as close to unobstructed sunshine as they can get – yet depending on a property’s specifications (size of roof, shaded areas etc.) the ideal placement may actually be on land. After all, land can provide potentially abundant space for the installation of a solar energy system. The larger the property, the larger the installation can be.

If you don’t have access to a perfect roof but you do have access to land with plenty of sunshine, then a ground mounted system may be the solution for you.

Companies with large usable spaces come from an array of different backgrounds – from agricultural farmland through land previously dedicated to industrial use or belonging to the public sector. This creates a wide spectrum of unique requirements, regulatory landscapes and distinct purposes that need to be considered before deciding on how to “go solar”. Finding the right solution can become a daunting task that involves the coordination of several stakeholders and the allocation of significant company resources.

Individualized concepts

With smart thinking up front, we liaise with clients to find the concept that best fits their individual business needs and sector. Our agile approach not only helps businesses navigate unique regulatory landscapes and complex specifications, but also leverages economically usable spaces by providing sustainable and cost-effective solar-centric solutions.

ENVIRIA remains the nerve center handling the entire process centrally from conceptualization to implementation and beyond, bringing together all stakeholders required to provide the best solution on a case-by-case basis.


Projects can be pre-financed through ENVIRIA
Constant, predictable revenue flow


ZERO – ENVIRIA is your single point of contact. We leverage our ecosystem to take care of all aspects of your project.
No solar expertise required


End-to-end EPC expertise
Premium components
Turnkey delivery
Comprehensive insurance and warranty


Reduced electricity costs
High degree of energy independence
Protection against electricity price increases
Maximum cost planning security


Improvement of environmental footprint
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Regulatory compliance and safeguard against forthcoming regulations
Positive impact on brand image


Increase of property value
Preservation of agricultural viability of unused land
Land (and crop) protection against weather conditions

Land Leasing

Property-owning companies who wish to meet environmental requirements frequently find themselves in a gridlock, as in many cases their business may not consume large amounts of energy or may have no direct electricity consumption on-site at all (e.g. holding companies leasing properties to tenants). Under such circumstances it is difficult to justify bearing the costs and risks associated with the installation and operation of a solar system.

We tailor solar projects to your current and future requirements, the resources you prefer to commit, and make sure to leverage the assets you bring to the table.

By leasing your land to ENVIRIA you can benefit from secure usage fees, diversifying into new non-core revenue opportunities without the allocation of resources. Our approach entails leasing unused land to ENVIRIA for a minimum 20-year period, with ENVIRIA bearing all of the associated risk while taking care of:

  • structuring a customized financing plan that maximizes your benefits
  • seamless installation of a turnkey solar plant on premises and ongoing operation and maintenance of the system with our own fitters and certified electrical engineers
  • coordination of all stakeholders involved in your project e.g. financing partners, grid operators, regulatory and cooperation partners

All while you remain focused on your daily business.

Project ownership



Conceptual development
Financial engineering
Partner coordination
Planning & technical consultation
Project development
Turnkey construction

Lease Agreement

MINIMUM 20 years

Extension options

Most Suitable for

Land specifications
Minimum land area of 2,5 hectares
Minimum land area approx. 4 hectares where cultivation systems can be replaced with innovative AgriPV solution (e.g. fruit, berry, wine cultivations)

Business characteristics
Low or no direct energy consumption (on-site)

Buiness sectors
Industrial companies
Agricultural companies
Real estate operators

Land Solar Investement


We leverage our renewable energy ecosystem in order to design transparent, suitable concepts for the unique needs of each customer. Each plan we create unique, combining alternative types of renumeration models with value-adding ancillary elements that best suit your distinct business requirements.

Clean solar energy is a stable investment that can provide predictable, above-average returns with a fast payback period, while supplying electricity. When financial resources are sufficient, there are compelling reasons to invest in solar energy.