Grow your business with renewable energy

Support your bottom line – hedge against rising electricity costs and meet your sustainability goals

Solar electricity costs have dropped much faster than previously predicted – by decades to be precise! It is now the cheapest source of electricity, reaching lows that were not expected to come for the next 30 years. And price matters.

With businesses seeking to optimize cost structures and power operations while reducing their impact on the environment, the switch away from fossil fuels through the integration of renewables has become much more transparent and affordable. Rapid innovations and growing investments in sustainability initiatives have not only increased the availability of renewable energy, but also simplified electricity procurement processes.

Determined to boost B2B participation in the clean energy transition, ENVIRIA provides access to renewable energy through innovative solar-centric concepts and structured power purchase agreements that fulfil current and future business objectives based on different formats of resource allocation, business goals and sectors.

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project ownership

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On-site solar production

A direct way for companies to approach energy efficiency is the installation of solar power plants on-site. Depending on the capacity that can be hosted on its premises and the energy intensity of a business, gaining access to cheap solar energy can provide a high degree of energy independence. This way not only offsets electricity bills but actually fortifies against the fluctuation of electricity prices caused by changes in supply and demand in wholesale energy markets.


Reduced electricity costs

Protection against electricity price increases

Maximum cost planning security

Generate income by offering surplus power generated to the grid


Improvement of environmental footprint

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Regulatory compliance and safeguard against forthcoming regulations

Positive impact on brand image


Increase of property value

Increase of longevity of the roof

Increase of building energy efficiency

Reduction of roof’s future maintenance efforts & costs

With ENVIRIA’s technical expertise and end-to-end project experience, companies focus on their core business while we guide their solar projects through the entire process. Our teams of specialists liaise with all stakeholders who need to be involved in each project, managing liquidity and coordinating grid operators, regulatory and cooperation partners. Our own fitters and certified electrical engineers take care of the planning, construction and operations management of each solar plant, ensuring every project is a success – on time, on budget and ready for immediate use.

In addition, our partnerships along the entire energy supply chain guarantee a wide range of quality components and ancillary products that can add value. Our holistic approach means that as a single general contractor ENVIRIA can design each individual system in a way that maximizes the benefits it can deliver. This customized approach may start with the selection of the best fitting components – panels, inverters and energy storage systems – though to the integration of green roof solutions that increase climate efficiency or carport structures that leverage your premises even further while providing additional shelter. And of course, with everything covered in a single agreement – with ENVIRIA.

Whether corporations decide to pursue their own sustainability solution, or follow a power purchasing procurement strategy to offset their electricity consumption, ENVIRIA’s ecosystem and know-how provides suitable frameworks that correspond to the unique profiles of diverse corporations.

Zero investment solar concepts

When financial barriers hold solar expansion back, out-of-the-box thinking is key to gain access to the benefits of a solar plant. This is why ENVIRIA has designed forward-thinking, zero investment concepts that are backed by third-party investments, and structured based on alternative forms of renumeration and value-adding ancillary elements tailored to the unique needs of each customer. This proactive approach builds full flexibility into concepts and ensure their commercial viability, as they can be fine-tuned to different environmental and business strategies and varied profiles of energy consumption.

Optimizing energy demand with power purchase agreements

B2B electricity consumption may be exceptionally high depending on the nature of a company’s operations, often rendering the installation of an on-site solar power system insufficient to cover energy needs exclusively off of solar energy produced (and stored) on-site. The nature of such energy intensive organizations has prompted a wave of interest in alternative structures that achieve electricity optimization, away from mainstream utility contracts.

ENVIRIA’s energy solutions integrate renewable energy offtake agreements – known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – into solar concepts, mitigating the risks associated with new technologies and fragmented contracts across diverse suppliers. Depending on motivations, load profiles, resource allocation capacity and self-production potential, we explore all available alternatives and can structure energy procurement models into all our projects, even for companies investing in the projects themselves. We carry out individual analyses that ensure the optimization of energy profiles, consolidating the entire process within a single agreement:

  • When power demands are not fulfilled by the capacity provided by on-site solar facilities, cost-competitive energy can be sourced through ENVIRIA from the grid to help support seamless operations.
  • In solar projects operated by ENVIRIA that are hosted on company premises, we can provide electric service comprising energy from the on-site solar facility and from the grid at fundamentally lower prices than average utility rates.
  • When a system’s renewable energy output exceeds the amount that can be absorbed by the hosting premises, ENVIRIA can ensure maximum efficiency by building uncomplicated power purchase structures that allow surplus electricity to be passed on to a company’s other locations synthetically.

This flexible approach simplifies the process for organizations that may lack renewables procurement knowledge and even funding solutions, streamlining renewable benefits in a way that reduces a company’s electricity costs significantly, minimizing exposure to price volatility while accelerating the attainment of corporate sustainability targets.