Wholly-owned solar power plant

Regardless of the size of a business, there are compelling reasons to invest in a solar power plant

Solar is a profitable and easily calculable investment with stable returns. Companies with large solar installations can achieve a significant return on investment. As costs have fallen and governments have increasingly embraced the now-established technology, tax incentives and guaranteed feed-in tariffs, as well as power purchase agreements, make the photovoltaic system a safe and worthwhile investment.

Many organizations have already realized the big savings they can achieve by installing solar systems to supply their business with electricity. Energy makes growth possible. Commercial solar systems can make a real difference by generating free, green electricity during daytime hours that can power up operations on site, lowering demand from the grid and reducing energy bills significantly.

By directly decreasing the amount of fossil fuels burned by utilities, installed solar power plants reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and are a visible manifestation of a company’s commitment to their sustainability goals. By preventing tons of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere, solar investments tangibly transform companies into sustainable businesses and making them future proof.

ENVIRIA’s 360-degree approach reduces your complexity to the minimum, mitigating risks associated with the installation and operation of systems as we take care of the entire process from project development through to implementation and beyond.

tailored plan that maximizes your benefits

seamless installation of a turnkey solar plant on your premises

individualized opeartion and maintenance concepts ensuring the yield optimization of the system

MIX-AND-MATCH approach - Optimize your benefits


Reduction of electricity costs

100% consumption of green electricity produced on-site providing high degree of energy independence. The remainder of electricity needs can be provided from the grid through ENVIRIA at competitive prices, lower than traditional utility providers

Landlord-to-tenant electricity supply

ENVIRIA structures competitively-priced tenant power structures for a) energy produced on-site and b) energy provided from the grid - passing benefits on to tenants and increasing tenant retention

Energy storages

Installation of energy storages to ensure continuous electricity supply


E-mobility infrastructure

Installation of e-mobility charging stations promoting climate-friendly transport

Heating pumps

Integration between heating pumps and solar, increasing property efficiency (meeting heating and cooling demands) while lowering electricity costs

Smart metering systems

Transparency and clarity of consumption behavior incl. data monitoring, analysis and management of individual consumption

Green roof solutions

Integration of green roof solutions with energy production fortifies the property’s climate efficiency by creating energy cost savings, improving stormwater management, extending roof life and increasing property value and marketability

Solar carports

Highly configurable solar carport structures are a great alternative for undeveloped land and parking lots. These shielding vehicles from weather conditions, while generating electricity - benefiting business and community

Roof renovation

To ensure a roof’s suitability to host a solar installation for 20+ years, ENVIRIA can arrange to renovate the entire roof area where required