Services & Engineering

ENVIRIA, as a provider of services specifically tailored to the solar industry, takes over all the tasks involved in the construction or operation of photovoltaic systems. Our ENVIRIA Engineering & Services division offers a comprehensive range of specialized services in the areas of testing, repair, logistics and after-sales services.

Our range of services includes i.a. the following products and services:

Construction turnkey

photovoltaic systems

Assembly, maintenance and monitoring

Consulting and planning

Due diligence and contract design

Preparation of expert reports

General services

In addition to the sunshine, the technically perfect operation of the plant is also essential for the optimal yield of a photovoltaic system. However, unforeseen problems can occur throughout the life of the product, which can affect both profitability and safety. In order to avoid disruptions as far as possible or to remedy them efficiently, we rely on the combined use of expert personnel and sophisticated measuring technology.

Our general services at a glance:

Comparison of the planning documentation with the actual state of the PV system

Professional assessment of all system components

Specialized inventory of possible defects

Fast and reliable repair measures

Short-term provision of replacement components

Professional disposal of defective parts

Regular maintenance of the PV system

Special services for plant operators

The acquisition or construction of a photovoltaic system represents an investment which is both ecologically and economically important. In order to achieve the expected energy and financial goals, intelligent planning and its correct implementation are required.

ENVIRIA independently, professionally and transparently reviews existing photovoltaic systems to ensure the expected return over the entire life cycle.

Especially for plant operators we offer the following services:

System analysis through the latest measuring and test methods

Expert support during construction

Defect inspection before expiry of the warranty period

Special services for banks and funds

Like any other investment, a photovoltaic system has an individual risk-return profile. Its correct and transparent presentation requires detailed technical knowledge. From the technical condition of the individual components to the evaluation of historical climate data – a realistic business assessment requires the consideration of various influencing factors. ENVIRIA supports financial service providers through many years of experience and the necessary know-how.

Especially for banks and funds we offer the following services:

Detailed, understandable economic evaluation

Recommendations for action, taking into account technical and economic factors

Assistance in drawing up the contract

Quality inspection of the components used

Examination of the plant planning and professional

Continuous yield monitoring

Review of contractually agreed services at regular intervals


Special services for experts

The assessment of damage to photovoltaic systems requires close coordination between all parties involved (plant operator, insurer, installer, dealer / manufacturer, legal adviser) as well as a high degree of coordination and time with the expert

Especially for plant operators we offer the following services:

On-site measurements (electroluminescence, thermography, characteristic curve measurement)

Diode testing and, if necessary, replacement in the event of overvoltage damage, e.g. by lightning

Re-planning of the plant taking into account the regional wind and snow load zones

storm damage

Professional, fast replacement of cables and plugs after animal biting, e.g. by martens

Special services for insurers

In order to offer their customers attractive conditions, insurers depend on effective claims settlement. This requires a speedy, cost-effective and high-quality determination of the necessary repairs and a comprehensive documentation in the form of a report. ENVIRIA supports insurance companies at all times through many years of experience and the necessary know-how for individual solutions.

Especially for plant operators we offer the following services:

Immediate on-site inspection

Complete damage assessment

Examination of existing cost proposals in terms of completeness, plausibility and market price

if necessary, preparation of an offer

Detailed cost statement

Documentation in the form of reports specially tailored to photovoltaics

Acceptance of the entire communication between all involved parties

EPC - turnkey construction

From planning to turnkey commissioning – ENVIRIA offers you the complete package for photovoltaic systems! In addition to the timely construction of the plant and all related tasks at a fixed price, we create the conditions for a permanent optimal operation.

Plant construction

From system planning and the preparation of professional assembly documents to smooth construction coordination, continuous quality control and comprehensive safety management to the complete completion of the plant – ENVIRIA guarantees professional project management and control, which requires large investments in demanding projects. Our network of proven partners and our practical experience in different countries also contribute to this.

Our services in the field of plant construction at a glance:

Creation of planning and assembly documents

Procurement of all necessary building materials

Construction management and supervision

logistics coordination


security coordination

Interface coordination

Commissioning and performance tests

project management

plant operation

Optimum yields are the basic requirement for maximum return and require trouble-free plant operation. We create the conditions for it. Integrated after-sales service, technical operation management, central system monitoring, regular maintenance service and the rapid rectification of possible faults: ENVIRIA offers various service concepts for every need.

Our services in the field of plant operation at a glance:

Monitoring und Reporting

Permanent remote monitoring of plant operating data

Preparation of operating reports at regular intervals


Maintenance and troubleshooting

Accompanying insurance or warranty cases