Lend your roof with ease

Save money and save the environment–
without having to invest anything yourself

The advantages are obvious:


Additional earnings

The leasing of unused roof areas increases the yield of your property. Corresponding lease agreements are designed for 20 years, whereby we can pay the entire lease amount in total before the start of the construction. Currently, we pay one-time leases of up to 120,000 euros per project.

Best of all: After 20 years you can take over the plant for 1 Euro.


One Contracting Party

We are your direct and personal contractual partner and do not work with any subcontractors. 


Increase the longevity of the roof covering

A photovoltaic system installed on the roof serves as weather protection and thus increases the long-term durability of the roofing. It reduces the resources planned for renovations.


Commitment to climate protection - without any investment of your own

In cooperation with your communications department, we are happy to publish your commitment in a media-effective way.


Potential savings in electricity procurement

As a roof leaseholder you can, if desired, purchase green electricity from your own roof. The now low electricity production costs of photovoltaics make purchase prices below your current tariff possible. 


Ecologically conscious symbol

Photovoltaic systems on the roof are clearly visible signs of the company’s commitment to the environment. 

The solar power plant’s yields can be visualized with a display in a prominent position. 


Comprehensively insured: Operator liability and photovoltaic insurance

All systems operated by us are comprehensively insured.


ecological balance

The CO2 reduction by the plant can be attributed to the building. This improves the ecological balance of the building and the company it accommodates. 

Our claim:

  • We are looking for roof areas with at least 700m² unshaded area
  • We are on the lookout nationwide  
  • We are looking for saddle and flat roofs. Ideally, saddle roofs should have a south orientation.

Different compensation models:

  • Lease per kWp installed
  • Lease depending on the square metre installed
  • Share of the annual yield of the photovoltaic system
  • Freely usable allocation of green electricity (generated by the system installed on the roof)
  • One-off upfront payment (covers the discounted lease amount over the entire term)
  • One-off upfront payment in the form of a roof renovation

Our projects

Holistic and Sustainable

Our 360° Approach

At ENVIRIA we provide a 360 degree service for our customers. Whether municipalities, commercial customers, institutional or private investors - we offer individual, tailor-made and manufacturer-independent solutions. Unlike traditional solar engineers and project engineers, we take care of the planning, construction and commissioning of the plants, along with assuming all the tasks and responsibilities associated with the operation of a solar photovoltaic system. Low fixed costs, direct manufacturer contacts and corresponding volumes enable us remain price competitive.

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