LEVENIG – Berry Plantation

In April 2019, ENVIRIA was commissioned by BKL GmbH & Co. Kg (Levenig©) to develop a customized roof leasing concept for their two facilities in Noervenich, Germany.



Noervenich, Germany

Property Owner

Berry Plantation Levenig

Project Owner

ENVIRIA Investor Solutions GmbH

Solar Concept

Roof leasing

Roof lease period

minimum 20 years

Expected COD

April 2021


1.1 MW

Annual CO2 savings

545,7 tons

The highest economic benefits possible without own investment

With sustainability being at the heart of what they do, Levenig© was in search of an eco-friendly alternative for cooling and freezing the berries produced and harvested on their local plantations, while preserving the high-quality standards their customers have come to know for over 40 years.

With this sustainable agriculture location being highly suitable for a solar energy project, ENVIRIA designed a concept that would achieve optimal energy production on-site, while ensuring that Levenig© would reap the highest economic benefits possible without investment of their own. Having leased their roof space to ENVIRIA for a minimum of 20 years, ENVIRIA took over the financing, installation, operation and maintenance of the solar system, and will be providing on-site produced solar energy to Levenig© at a fixed fee which is far lower than that offered by local utilities.

Using all available roof surfaces for the installation, ENVIRIA has created a 1.1 MW solar power plant capable of covering a significant portion of Levenig©’s energy demand.

Instant cost reduction

Significant reduction of Levenig© electricity costs below local utility prices from day one

No Investment

Levenig© made its clean energy transition without any investment required from their end

Upfront reimbursement

Levenig© received an upfront reimbursement from ENVIRIA in exchange for the operation of the solar power plant on their facility roofs

Sustainable agriculture

Green electricity is produced and consumed on-site during the processing of locally produced fruits, which are then delivered to local stores in the region

We will freeze the 2021 harvest with solar power from our own roof. For us, this is sustainability in practice.
Sustainability is very important to us. Every year our berries thrive in the natural outdoor cultivation, are carefully harvested and immediately delivered. We work in harmony with nature, and were QS-certified back in 2005. We had been considering the use of solar power for a long time, especially after the construction of our new strawberry farm which has a large cooling system. But none of the concepts on the market really convinced us, too complicated, too inflexible. ENVIRIA’s offer was professional and transparent. The team is competent and always available for us. When adjustments became necessary due to changes in our business operations, ENVIRIA responded promptly with an unbureaucratic and pragmatic solution.
Bernhard und Sebastian Levenig

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