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Our Philosophy

Our 360° Approach

ENVIRIA is a young, dynamic and flexible company of the solar power industry. Our expertise includes not only technical know-how but financial, regulatory and tax know-how.

We believe in the success of the energy revolution and welcome the development of a market driven by subventions to a market where parties need to act efficiently and innovative in order to maintain their position. When implementing our projects we build upon future-oriented power marketed concepts, sophisticated financial models, refined technology and a slim cost structure.

We rely on our team. With us, you really only work with us and no sub-contractors. For our leasing business, we are your only contracting partner and take care of all matters. This is the only way we can ensure the quality, we claim for ourselves.


Ever since being founded in 2014, MeinSolarkonzept offered solar system projects for investors, municipalities and industrial customers. The business models doesn’t only build on the technical area, but combines it with financial, regulatory and tax know-how.

At the end of 2017 ENVIRIA was founded, including the retail business for home owners as a new field of business. In 2018 the company started going international and founded an asian entity.

Unser Team

Melchior Schulze Brock


Ronny Thorenz


Anne Hansen

Head of Marketing & Sales

Markus Mosch


Matthias Lingg


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