Case Studies

We are proud of the work we do. Every project is special to us. That’s why we handle it with ingenuity that leverages everyone’s strengths.

We know that what we do every day matters. Our solar-centric concepts offset a broad range of factors, delivering fundamental value and growth. Not only for our clients, project investors, and partners, but for the success of the clean energy transition itself. 

With solar taking center stage in environmental strategies, we take a stand and go above and beyond to make each project a success.

Here is a taste of how we boost the energy transition.

LEVENIG – Beerenobst Kulturen

Im April 2019 wurde ENVIRIA von der BKL GmbH & Co. Kg (Levenig ©) beauftragt, ein maßgeschneidertes Dachleasingkonzept für ihre beiden Werke in Noervenich zu entwickeln...
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Partnerschaft mit Gussek-Haus

GUSSEK HAUS ist einer der bekanntesten deutschen Hersteller von Fertighäusern mit Sitz in Nordhorn.
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Partnership with GUSSEK HAUS

GUSSEK HAUS is one of Germany’s most renowned manufacturers of prefabricated houses headquartered in Nordhorn, Germany.
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LEVENIG – Berry Plantation

In April 2019, ENVIRIA was commissioned by BKL GmbH & Co. Kg (Levenig©) to develop a customized roof leasing concept for their two facilities in Noervenich,...
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